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Concrete Block Walls and Fences

Concrete Block WallFor years, concrete block fences have been used in the commercial market, but in recent years, homeowners have begun using them as well. Not only do these fences provide curb appeal, higher property values, and greater security, concrete blocks can stand up to the often harsh winds and weather we experience in Kansas.

Aero Fence will work with you to design and engineer a concrete block wall that suits your taste and budget. There are endless design options, because concrete blocks are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

If you’re interested in adding a sturdy, attractive concrete fence to your home or business, call Aero Fence at 316-688-5555 to schedule a free estimate.

Concrete Block Fence Repair

Although concrete blocks themselves are extremely durable, the fences and walls they’re used in may need repair from time to time. Extended periods of drought or excessive amounts of rain can cause the ground below the wall to shift. This unstable foundation can cause cracks in the fence or make the wall lean. This can also happen if a concrete block fence is improperly installed. Aero Fence can assess the damage and come up with a plan to repair these safety concerns, so schedule an evaluation today by calling 316-688-5555.



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